Forklift Train the Trainer – Reduce Your Chances of Being a Forklift Operator Error

forklift train the trainer

Tens of thousands of workers are injured and killed every year in work-related accidents involving industrial forklifts. Operator error plays a major role in the majority of these accidents, and forklift train the trainer is an effective tool to help decrease your chances of being part of these sobering statistics. URL

The forklift train the trainer class is a one day class that will provide your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to train operators to OSHA standards. The trainer will learn the proper techniques to instruct and evaluate an employee, and how to create a welcoming learning environment for trainees to practice and absorb information.

Forklift Training Leadership: Empowering Others through Train-the-Trainer Programs

Once your trainers have completed the forklift train the trainer course they will be ready to take on the responsibility of training your company’s operators. Having your own in-house trainers can save your company time, money and the hassle of having to pay for outside help. Additionally, having a forklift train the trainer in-house will give you the ability to quickly address questions and concerns about forklifts, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

ARA’s Train the Trainer class is designed to be a cost-effective, customizable option for equipment rental businesses to meet their forklift training needs. This includes the opportunity to add multiple trainers, allowing you to conduct operator training for your entire fleet of equipment in-house. It is available in either an online class or a sit down forklift trainer kit, which includes all the training materials your trainers will need to conduct their classes. Both options have the same final exam and OSHA-aligned safety training certificate.

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