Helium Compressor – A Powerful Tool for Industrial Applications

Helium Compressor – A Powerful Tool for Industrial Applications

Helium compressor and rare gas that is essential in many high-tech applications. In MRI scanners, for example, super-cold liquid helium is needed to keep the magnets from melting due to their high magnetic field. Helium is also used in nuclear medicine, particle accelerators, and aerospace research.

In order to supply these critical applications with high-quality helium, compressors are required. These helium compressors are designed to capture new, mixed or recycled helium at atmospheric pressure and then compress it into a much more dense gas for storage. Helium compression generates significant heat, which the compressor dissipates using water cooling.

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The resulting helium is delivered to the application using a helium cryogenic pump system. The design of these helium compressors can be complicated, and there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account in order to achieve the desired performance.

PDC’s helium compressors are equipped with cutting-edge repriming technology that prevents cavitation during start-up. This allows the helium compressor to be started without the need for an experienced compressor technician and to avoid wasting valuable helium.

PDC helium diaphragm compressors are gas tight up to 0.4 bar x g/l, which is significantly lower than the industry standard of 0.35 bar x g/l. This is possible thanks to the highly precise piston-stroke metering system and sophisticated hydraulic system, which prevents knocking, vibration, and cavitation. The hydraulic system also ensures a consistent diaphragm deflection rate and a stable flow rate – even under load.

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