Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada

A new illegal magic mushrooms dispensary in canada dispensary has opened in Kitchener, drawing a small crowd on opening day. The lurid blue and pink fungi illustrations that once covered the storefront windows have been scrubbed down, revealing a disordered interior full of clear plastic bins filled with dried mushrooms. It’s unclear who owns FunGuyz, which also has a location in Cambridge and sells its psilocybin online. A man claiming to be the spokesman for the store has only given two different spellings of his name and refused to provide identification.

The shop is one of a growing number to open in Canada, where the sale of psychedelics is legal in some circumstances. The government says the hallucinogens are Schedule III substances under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, but there are exemptions for people living with mental health disorders to obtain psilocybin under the supervision of a doctor.

Exploring the Magic Mushroom Dispensary Scene in Ottawa

Despite the hazy legal status of mushrooms, stores like Fun Guyz and Shroom City are popping up in big cities across Canada. They operate in the same grey area as medical cannabis, selling psilocybin to people with exemptions granted by the federal government.

In fact, the same logic that underlies the proliferation of pot shops has been guiding some magic mushroom retailers, according to researchers who have studied the phenomenon. And while there is some evidence that psilocybin has therapeutic benefits, the lack of a recognized system to obtain the drug is creating obstacles that limit its use.

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