'LG TuneAge' Smart Tapping Ceramic Lifter

'LG TuneAge' Smart Tapping Ceramic Lifter




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"New age to tune your beauty". This device enhances skincare effect and firmness by tapping the skin over 4,000 times per minutes. (renewal version)

*Product Details:
• The Smart Tapping System improves skin firmness and 2 steps of intensity makes your skin healthier & more attractive
• Baked in over 1,500(°C), the clean & safe ceramic applicator delivers cooling effect and enhances skincare absorption effectively
• The Makeup Perfector enables to evenly spread liquid foundation, BB cream and cushion content to smoothly covers curved area
• With adhesive makeup effect, this home Aesthetic device makes your skin smoother & more radiant
• Contains Device, 1 Ceramic Applicator & 2 Makeup Perfector (AAA battery needed)

*How to use:
Smart Tapping Ceramic Lifter can be used for both skincare and base makeup. Use the device with the appropriate applicator depending on the purpose of use.
1. Push the button once for regular tapping, twice for powerful tapping & three times turns the power off.
(It's set up to turn off automatically in 3 minutes.)
2. Skincare - Use the applicator at the cream stage and recommended time to use is 3 mins.
3. Makeup - After base makeup, gently and evenly spread from wider parts to narrower parts. Tap once more on where you want for desired coverage.
4. Clean the applicator with wet tissue after use.

*Gift with purchase - OHUI The First Soap(Brush Not Included), Limited Time Only*