Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Law Firm

Criminal charges, even misdemeanors, can drastically alter a person’s life. Not only are there the potential consequences of jail time, fines and probation, but a conviction can also rob individuals of their reputations and even their rights to drive or keep custody of children.Source : defense legal services at mmdefense.law

What do most criminal defense lawyers major in?

The moment you suspect that you are being investigated, it’s important to contact a Cincinnati criminal defense law firm. An attorney can protect your rights by ensuring that police follow the proper procedures, and by gathering exculpatory evidence to dismiss the case or minimize penalties.

Felonies can carry severe penalties, including prison time, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and significant damage to a person’s reputation. A criminal lawyer can defend against these charges by challenging the validity of the evidence and the conduct of the prosecutor.

A federal crime may occur when an individual violates a state law in conjunction with activity that crosses state lines or involves interstate commerce. In such cases, a Cincinnati criminal attorney will help you navigate the complex set of rules that govern federal court proceedings.

A Cincinnati criminal defense firm can handle a wide range of cases, including white-collar crimes such as bribery and embezzlement. The firm also has the resources to investigate a case independently and build a strong case for its clients. Its legal team has more than 20 years of experience and is available 24/7. Contact the firm online to schedule a consultation. Its attorneys are former prosecutors with extensive trial and appellate experience.

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